Re-Timer LED glasses promise to cure your winter blues forever


The winter blues, otherwise known under the cute acronym SAD, is a very real and annoying thing. Who wants their holidays ruined just because your brain can’t handle months and months of creeping darkness? That and jet lag are two of the most common, and frustrating, emotional ailments. If only there was some way technology could swoop in and change this up for us. If only there was some way for it to quite literally turn our frowns upside down.

There is! Happy days are upon us! Sleep researchers at Australia’s Flinders University have been quietly slaving away on the Re-Finder, a pair of LED glasses that could end the winter blues forever. Well to call it a pair of glasses isn’t entirely true. You wear it like glasses, however. Then the Re-Finder does its magic. It emits a soft green LED light into your eyes. According to the research group, the light works to shift your sleep pattern ahead or slow it down, thus allowing you to move your sleep cycle in sync with your current location. Jet lag be gone.

As far as the winter blues, the device’s creators also say it is perfect for people who don’t see a lot of sunlight, whether it is due to odd working hours or just those cruel winter months. Wear these every day for around 50 minutes and they say your winter blues will soon be a thing of the past. You’ll be as chipper as a schoolboy in June.

The Re-Timer can be recharged through your computer via USB and it’s available now for $258 on the company’s website. You can see it in action in the video below.