Razer’s Tiamet headset uses a gaggle of drives to produce 7.1 sound


The world of headsets is an ever-evolving one indeed. Enter Razer and their brand new, and uber functional, Tiamat headset design. These bad boys are being touted as being able to create “virtual surround sound.” Sounds pretty cool, right?

It works by using a veritable boatload of drivers, 10 actually, to produce this sort of fake-yet-real 7.1 sound. It’s like wearing four headphones instead of two, or however else audiophiles tend to describe better sound. Who knows anymore. Anyways, the headset has a front, rear, side, and center channel in each earpiece along with a subwoofer. Each one of these can be changed manually.

They ship later this year and will cost you around $180. That’s only $18 a driver.