Razer Nabu Smartband Delayed Until End of May


Where does the line of smartwatch end and smartband begin? The two are nearly interchangeable, with smartbands often being able to tell the time and smartwatches often tracking your vitals and undergoing other related tasks. No matter how you slice it, the two techs are similar, however that doesn’t mean that one can discount either of them. There will come a day when we all wear one “holy grail” piece of tech around our wrists that does everything, including making us tea. Until that day, however, we will have to deal with the minor distinctions between ideas.

On that note, Razer has been readying their smartband for quite a while now. This fitness tracker has a lot in common with the Fitbit line of wearables, in that it keeps a keen eye on our exercise habits, sleep habits and other odds and ends. It looks to be a snazzy little gadget, one that people have been excited to get their grubby little mitts on. Well, those mitts are going to remain grubby just a little bit longer. Razer’s Nabu was set to release this week, but the company announced today that it will be delayed until the end of May?

Why the delay? According to reports, it is to avoid adverse allergic reactions from the consumer base. They are tightening up the product. A small percentage of Fitbit Force users reported skin irritations upon using the device and that ended up being quite a public relations disaster so Razer are putting in the extra hours to make sure that doesn’t happen to them as well. All in all, not a bad reason to slightly delay a product. We’ll let you know when it’s go time for the Nabu.