Ray Kingston Inc. reinvents the mobile DJ by creating a Bluetooth sneaker


Everyone wants to be the tightest, hottest DJ to rock a party since the early days of hip hop. However, who has the arm muscles to carry the necessary equipment? Turntables, speakers and record collections are expensive. Thankfully, technology is swooping in to make it easier than ever before to get people dancing. We already have iPod/iPhone DJs, so the days of lugging hefty turntables around are mostly a thing of the past. What’s next? The speaker. Speakers for too long have stubbornly refused to become part of our sneakers. Those days are ,thankfully, almost behind us.

This new speaker concept, developed by NYC’s Ray Kingston Inc. quite literally makes your boots made for walking(to hot beats.) The speakers attach to your shoes so no matter what kicks you are rocking, you’ll be rocking and causing people to kick. The speakers would only require a pair of 9-volt batteries, feature 3.5mm stereo inputs, and would be controlled directly from your smartphone. These don’t sound entirely practical from a performer’s standpoint, but would most certainly hold up to scrutiny from a small house party or some other kind of gathering where people like to dance.

This is, sadly, just a concept design for now. The idea is so bizarre, however, we can imagine them manufacturing it just so they’ll be the first company that did. If the price was right, we’d certainly buy a pair to sport at our next get together. How about you?