Rain Shield totally changes the shape of the umbrella


Rain rain go away, come again another day. That popular refrain is as old as moisture itself. In short, rain is annoying. It ruins our shoes. It slows down our commutes. It messes up our perfectly coiffed hair. Umbrellas have been a good respite from the torrential downpour we call weather but this humble gadget has yet to evolve with the times. Everything else is changing and evolving for the better so why not the umbrella? Well, hang on to your raincoat, it may be getting a massive design overhaul.

A pair of industrious designers named Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang have rethought the umbrella  and come up with something that more resembles a shield. It resembles it so much, in fact, that the designers named their invention the Rain Shield. The dome is out, the shield is in. This new umbrella acts as your personal suit of armor against the elements and even breaks down into a handy-dandy cylinder when not in use. This new shape should better protect against high winds, windy rain and turning inside-out in a downpour.

The pair of Taiwanese designers created the concept for the Red Dot design awards. Check out how it works in the video blow. Pretty cool right? Soon, who knows, maybe we’ll all be holding shields instead of domes. We’ll also all be chanting “rain rain come if you want we don’t care.”