Quirky’s conductive push pins make any pair of gloves work with a touchscreen


quirky conductive pins texting gloves 1
Winter is coming(or here, depending on who you ask.) This means that it is time to bust out those old winter gloves you have had stashed in the closet for the better part of a year. But, in this day and age, how does one text while wearing a thick pair of wintry gloves? Touchscreens are made, for the most part, to react to the human finger. Fabric just won’t cut it. Sure, you could shell out some major coin for a pair of texting gloves of the type we’ve featured on the site before. That’d be a great, albeit expensive, choice. But what if you don’t have enough money? Are you supposed to just go all winter without Tweeting?!

The answer, now, is no(phew.) Quirky has released some cool push pins called Digits that you simply stick to your favorite pair of gloves. After sticking, you’ll be able to text again even while wearing them! That’s because the push pins use conductive technology, thus giving them the “feel” of a human finger. Your smartphone won’t know the difference. Soon you’ll be Angry Birds-ing and Facebook like-ing with the best of them. No foul weather will cut into your God-given right to text with reckless abandon!

The best part about these push pins? They are cheap as all get out. A pair of four will set you back around $12. One set for a pair of gloves for you, and one set for the gloves of your favorite text recipient. It’s no good, after all, if the people you are texting are dealing with the same problem. Winter, we got this.