Quiksilver Premium Backpacks with NXT sound system and iPod control


Quiksilver has launched a range of backpacks with integrated sound system from NXT and ‘made for iPod‘ label.

The Quiksilver models Day Pack, Surf Pack and Snow Pack feature the finest materials, sophisticated technical construction and embedded technology.

Quicksilver bags

All three models have weatherproof NXT flat panel loudspeakers which are formed from EVA foam. Employing NXT SurfaceSound technology, the stereo speaker modules result in a lightweight yet durable front panel which emits stereo sound when the backpack is connected to a portable audio player.

quicksilver pack details

Each bag offers unique features which include Quiksilver’s patent pending ’shoulder strap suspension system’, internal and external LED lighting systems (’Led light my path system‘), built-in NXT-equipped speakers, ‘Made for iPod’ and soft touch audio controls.

There is really nothing left to wish for in a backpack. A sophisticated backpack range that was ‘inspired by the needs of Quiksilver’s worldwide network of skiiers and snowboarders and surfers’ according to Quiksilver.

Here are the links and cost for the different models:
Day Pack for $ 503.95 available by Rideshop-zappos, Surf Pack for $ 583.95 also by Rideshop-zappos and the Snow Pack for $ 500.- avaiblable online by Islandsurf.

This three backpacks are equipped with cutting edge technology, innovation, superior materials and functions. They re-define everything concerning how a high end backpack should look and work.

The cost? It’s just a number, you deserve the best for your life.