Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Gets Snazzy Feature-Filled Update


Smartwatches. They are everywhere. It seems you can’t step one foot outside your front door without seeing one. OK. Those last two sentences were written from the near future, or they were written from the perspective of a person who was actually wearing a smartwatch. In any event, it won’t be too long before these updated time tellers become as ubiquitous as bread or ,uh, toasted bread. As such, the feature sets on these bad boys keep getting richer and richer. Case in point? The popular manufacturer Qualcomm has just unveiled a just released update for their line of Toq smartwatches that is pretty darn cool.

Qualcomm and their Toq smartwatch are no stranger to this here site and, as such, it gives us much pleasure to announce their just-released OS update. The update will initially roll out for Android users(finally, get one first) and is expected to include a bevy of new functions. The main focus here is the addition of an activity tracker, which was a functionality that had been auspiciously missing from device. The update also adds a world clock with time and weather in cities around the globe and the ability to select either Celsius or Fahrenheit for those hard to reach temperatures.

Also, the update is available right at this very second. Like right now! If you own a Toq, just cruise your watch over to the ‘update software’ section of the OS and you’ll be good to go. Also, thinking of buying one? All new Toqs will ship with the new software pre-installed.