QR-Coded Diapers Track Your Baby’s All-Important Health


So you’ve gone and got yourself a baby. The stork did his duty and now you are staring down the short end of a burping, crying mess of a young human. How do you take care of this beast?! You want to do your best to keep this kid alive and relatively happy and sane. You don’t want to end up a topic of conversation on a therapist’s couch thirty years from now. So what can you do and how can the magic of wearable technology help? We already have the smart phone. Introducing the smart diaper.

Designed by Jennie Rubinshteyn and Yaroslav Faybishenko, their simply named Smart Diapers could be the end-all be-all baby vital trackers. It analyzes your baby’s pee! The information is then sent to your smartphone(or device of your choice) via a scanned QR code. You can go over this information with doctors, friends or people you want to embarrass to ascertain if there is anything sketchy going on with your infant’s innards. UTIs are popular in babies, after all. This kind of diaper technology is pretty new, and this is the first of its kind.

Of course, with anything too new, you can’t rush out to the store and pick it up. This is in the testing stages now, but has received some positive marks from several kid-friendly hospitals these diapers have been installed in. We’ll let you know when they extend to more hospitals, doctors offices and, gasp, even homes. Don’t worry. Soon enough you’ll get to throw your boring old diapers in the trash where they belong.