Qii could be the world’s first fully portable smartphone keyboard


We’ve all, to one degree or another, experienced the harsh reality of trying to type fast on a smartphone. Our fat, pathetic, stubby fingers get in the way and before long our brains give up and we begin typing things like “u sukk.” Touchscreen keyboards are just not tactile enough to allow for true speed typing. The dream, then, has always been to create some kind of portable, flexible keyboard that could accompany our smartphones and tablets to make typing stuff a breeze. That dream, potentially, has almost been realized.

Introducing Qii, the world’s first fully portable smartphone and tablet keyboard. The Qii works by, quite literally, rolling it out in front of you like a yoga mat. It then connects wirelessly to your device and before long you are typing long flowery sonnets to people you just met on a dating site(hint, save the sonnets until after the fourth date.) As a matter of fact, the creators simply refer to it as a “roll-up keyboard.” Pretty cool right? You can stash this in your pocket, as once rolled up it is not much bigger than a tube of lipstick. Your brain and your stubby fat fingers will never have to fight to get their ideas across again!

There is a potential downside, however. This is only in the conceptual stages. The device’s inventor, David Brown, has taken to crowdfunding in order to get the money this piggy needs to make it to market. He has put it up on popular, yet not as popular as Kickstarter, crowdfunding site Indiegogo. If it makes its funding goal, each roll-up keyboard will set you back $130 which isn’t that bad considering how much a new phone costs after you smash it against the wall in frustration.