Q&A with James Woodall, CTO of Intoware


Ahead of the upcoming WAVE Congress on June 22nd, Crunchwear caught up with James Woodall, CTO of wearable enterprise company Intoware, to get his thoughts on the market and preview his talk at the event.

  1. What can visitors expect to hear from you at The WAVE Congress ?

“I’ll be concentrating on how the history of augmented and virtual reality applies to businesses today more than ever. For most companies, the biggest challenge they face is an ageing workforce and the need to replace the knowledge that will disappear when people retire. I see technology as something that will enable business to bridge that gap – as a solution rather than technology for technology’s sake.”

2. How receptive do you think UK businesses are to embracing new technologies ?

“For the larger companies, they all have innovation departments who focus on new technology so they are more than aware that change is coming. But it is certainly true that overall, deployment of new devices is sluggish, and most suppliers would admit that no one is building at scale presently. This is understandable as the industry is still a very fledgling one, but behind the scenes, there are some big orders being placed, so I can see that adoption will only increase.”

3. What advantages does Intoware’s WorkfloPlus Software Platform present for business ?

“There are three key areas that I think can really help companies. Firstly, it ensures that businesses can see their workers performing tasks correctly by gathering data on the ground and allowing them to analyse performance quickly and accurately. Secondly, we see it as helping businesses move away from paper based systems to adopting a technological solution which will be far more effective. And finally we are device agnostic; we recognise that augmented reality is not the only solution – as our system runs on Android and iOS we can offer it on multiple devices.”

4. You’ve been in the tech industry for a while now – does the pace of technological innovation excite or daunt you ?

“I think the interesting thing is the perception is that many of these advances are new. They’re not – it’s the form factors that are changing. Overall, I’m really excited as there are so many new innovations around the corner. In particular, there will be a raft of new augmented reality devices and products coming to the market.”

5. Finally, where do you see Intoware headed in the next five years ?

“Our opportunity is to continue to offer a great suite of products that solve business problems and to grow our market. I think we will be able to go from strength to strength as the pace of adoption increases and it promises to be a a very exciting next few years.”