Pyle Audio Presents Their Waterproof MP3 Player


The best part about swimming? Being there, in the water. Nothing can hurt you when you are in the water, well besides sharks, pirates and the occasional errant plank. However, swimming can be pretty relaxing if you are the right person for it, however you are often left to your own devices music-wise. There aren’t too many totally waterproof MP3 players out there and you most certainly don’t want to risk getting your phone wet. Today we have an MP3 player for you that is not only totally waterproof, but perfectly wearable so as to not break your swim stride. Let’s hear it for technology!

It’s brought to the world by a company called Pyle Audio, who have been in the sporting MP3 player/gadget thingamajig game for a while. Their appropriately named Waterproof MP3 Player is, well, a waterproof MP3 player. To that end it can hold more than 1,000 songs of pure, unadulterated musical loveliness. It’s not just an MP3 player. It’s also a fully fledged vitality monitor, which keeps track of how many strokes swam, calories burned and all of those other odds and ends. Consider it a twofer! Wait, it’s also a FM radio. Consider it a threefer! Both the player itself and accompanying headphones are both waterproof up to three feet. This is great for stroke swimming but don’t wear it to become a budding Cousteau.

Pyle Audio’s new device is availably now and comes in three colors, black, blue or green. You can nab one for around $70, which isn’t a bad deal considering all of those healthy laps you are gonna be doing while wearing these bad boys. Right? Righhtttt?