PUSH Fitness Tracker Aims to Help You At The Gym



There are a number of ways to train at the gym, but unfortunately many of these ways can lead to injury. Many methods of training are based on a certain number of reps, but there’s also a method of working out that focuses on the velocity at which you do your exercises. There’s a new device on the fitness tracking market that aims to help you work out as best as you possibly can without injuring yourself. It’s called the PUSH.

The PUSH can track a number of things, including force, strength tempo, and so on. In order to be able to track these things, the device has to know what exercise you are performing. Currently the device can only track 10 exercises that the team behind the PUSH thought were the most essential. These include squats, bench presses, pull ups and push ups, among other exercises. Each exercises has its own algorithm, and the company intends to add more exercises to the list. In fact, Rami Alhamad, one of the creators of the device, is very interested in what developers could do to add to the device – things like adding sports like tennis to what the device can track.

The device will come with a free iOS or Android app, and is also compatible with a heart rate monitor. If you’re interested in owning a PUSH for yourself, you can donate to the companies Indiegogo, and expect for the device to be shipped in April.