Push Band is Designed to Help With Your Strength Training


There are some people who workout, in that they run around sometimes and go for a swim and do yoga or something. There are other people, however, who work out by attempting to lift obscene amounts of weight so they can one day turn into a musclebound super hero like all of our favorite 1980s action heroes. Most of the fitness trackers out there cater to the first crowed and not so much the second. After all, tracking lifts is a bit more difficult then just throwing a pedometer in a watch. Don’t give up hope yet lifters! Here is an armband designed with you in mind.

The Push band is designed to be worn during intense weight training sessions and, as such, it brings a whole bunch of useful information to the table. It measures both power and velocity, which can be useful in determining how you are doing with bench presses and squats. The band then tells you, via how you are doing, if you should increase weight or not. It’s sort of like having your own personal trainer, only without the obscene amounts of money and the inappropriate knee touches. Of course, the band can be used to send information to a personal trainer or coach if you are actually into inappropriate knee touches. Hey, no judgment here (just like the gym.)

Guess what? Unlike most new and innovative products written about here, the Push band can be ordered right now, as in right this second, as in you don’t have to pre-order on a Kickstarter page. You can nab your own for $189.