Projecto is the Instagram projector that fits in your pocket


You like Instagram. We like Instagram. We all scream for Instagram. The only problem with the ubiquitous photo-sharing service? It is tethered to your devices. In short, without jumping through some cable-heavy hoops, you can’t show off your photos to more than one person at once. Even that requires handing over your phone and looking over someone’s shoulder like a mean librarian. Sure, Instagram has a rival to Google Glass on the horizon, but even that will be a strictly solo affair. How do you bring the multiplayer party to the happy world of photography?

Introducing Projecto, the world’s tiniest Instagram projector. Just how tiny is it? Look at the photo above. That is not an exaggeration. That is the actual size of the device. Pop it in your pocket and still have room to spare for your keys, wallet, smartphone and more. The thing is precious! It uses tiny wheels of 35mm Kodak film stock where your images have already been embedded on. You’ll have to use a companion app to select the photos that you want to include in your reel, which Projecteo will then embed into slide films. Then you can show off slides of your exciting vacation to New Jersey to a rapt audience. Who doesn’t love vacation slide shows?!

The Projecto is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. For just a $25 donation you can get your very own pocket projector to bring to dinner parties, pot lucks and even to work. That sounds like a fantastic deal to us. You had better get your cat groomed and photo-ready quick.