Prism Glasses let you comfortably read or watch TV while laying down


prism glasses 1
Is there anything better than laying down in your comfy bed after a day of grueling, thankless work? It’s one of life’s great joys, made even more joyful if there is a television set nearby playing one of your favorite shows. The only problem with this kind of set up is, unless you have one of those weird hoisty things that you prop up, a bed is not the ideal place to watch TV or read. The default position in bed, after all, is laying down. Unless you drilled your brand new HDTV to the ceiling you probably can’t comfortably use it.

These Prism Glasses, brought to market by Whatever Works, feature a simple design that just gets the job done. When you put them on, these sweet specs essentially reflect your line of sight downward and out. The result? You can comfortably watch TV or read while laying in bed. No heavy lifting required.  Think of it as your very own, wearable periscope. Of course, it must be noted that because you’ll be staring at something that is not in your natural field of vision, you should only wear these glasses for short periods of time. You don’t want to get seasick.

The Prism Glasses are available now at the low, low price of $25. Buy several pair and hand them out to your friends for your next cuddle party. Or, if you are especially weasely, perhaps you can rig a pair up to walk around looking up girl’s dresses and guy’s pantlegs. But don’t do that.  That’s be gross(and probably impossible, not that we tried.)