PrioVR Full Body VR Suit is Ready to Blow Your Mind


The world of virtual reality eyewear is blowing up lately. We have Oculus Rift, Google Glass and all kinds of copycats heading our way. But what good is virtual reality eyewear when we still have to use a boring old keyboard or controller to move our avatar around? When we kick, we want our dude to actually kick! It’s basic science(?) However, that kind of fully immersive VR tech is way off in the future, right? Well, not quite. There has been some movement on that front. After all, motion control technology has been around en masse since the Wii. On that note, here is something that just might blow your mind.

Introducing the PrioVR suit. This full body virtual reality suit successfully correlates real world motion to virtual motion. When you jump, your beefy gun-toting avatar will jump. When you make a shooting gesture, your tatted out monster of a soldier will shoot. All in all, it looks supremely cool. Even better? This product seems to have solved the lag issues that have plagued similar devices(even the Oculus Rift.) With no more lag, that means no more gross nausea clogging up your playtime. The virtual world will be ours, muhaha.

They haven’t announced an availability date yet, but the makers of the PrioVR have taken to Kickstarter to finish funding. You can be an early bird adopter on this unit by chugging out around $600, although there are several different models to choose from. Here is a video of the thingamabob in action.