Predictables Wristband Beams Fortunes and Advice to Your Palm


We talk a lot here about smartwatches and armbands that track your physical activity. Both are becoming necessary parts of the modern world. Smartwatches let us do everything we do on our phones only, well, on our wrists like some sort of Dick Tracy wannabe. Activity tracking armbands give us a major incentive to get our lazy buns off of the couch and do some exercise for once in our onion ring-filled lives. What else could easily slide on our wrists that would be useful? How about a tech-heavy fortune teller? Yeah. That’s coming quicker than you can say “I really liked that Tom Hanks movie where a thirteen year old becomes an adult.”

It’s appropriately called Predictables and, as predicted, it comes in the form of a comfortable wristband that wraps around your arm like so much rubber. What does it do Essentially it crawls through your social networking feeds and comes up with relevant future information for you to consider. It offers this info up in the form of cryptic clues such as “You should buy Amy some flowers soon” if an anniversary is coming up and things of that nature. It’s kind of cool. The information beams right on your wrist, thanks to an embedded projector. Said projection grows in size as the event becomes closer, giving you ample opportunity to get to the florist you lazy, unresponsive slob! Wait, what?

This is just a working prototype design for now, so you’ll have to keep on remembering things the old fashioned way, via the Facebook Events page. We’ll let you know when these are about to drop to stores.