Predator 2 Motorcycle Helmet Puts Design Above Safety


What’s cooler than cruising down a country road, decked out in leather, riding a motorcycle? That would be cruising down a country road, riding a motorcycle, decked out in leather, with a Predator helmet. For motorcyclists that rate form above function Russian company NLO Moto’s Predator 2 helmet is worth a look.

Based off the Predator and Alien Versus Predator series, this helmet is modeled after the high-tech headgear that the alien bounty hunters wear in these franchises. It’s constructed out of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polycarbonate. The Predator 2 helmet doesn’t come with heat sensors or any practical add-ons, but it does have options for a laser controlled aimer and other vanity upgrades. All of which will add to the $780 base price.

The high price tag aside, there are other issues that may hold motorcyclist’s back from pulling the trigger on this piece. The Predator 2’s design looks like it might limit visibility on the road, and the one thing my instructor always harped on was “always be aware of your surroundings.” If you’re better judgement doesn’t deter you then the law might. It’s not DOT approved, which is the minimum certification required for helmets (depending on the state you’re riding in). If anything, you can always use it as part of your default Halloween costume.

In case the Predator 2 isn’t your cup of tea, NLO Moto has a “cuter” option in the form of a helmet with cat ears. It’ll also put less of a dent in your bank account, but not by much, with a price tag of $590.

Source: CNET