Powerbag and fūl partner up to bring you one heck of a powerful backpack


The humble backpack has been around as long as there have been, um, backs that could be used to pack stuff. Starting in grade school, we put everything we need to navigate our daily lives in these puppies. Books? You bet. Laptop computers? Heck yeah. The only downside to the backpack? They haven’t offered much by way of technological innovation in recent years. They are, essentially, a bag you stick stuff in. Nothing more. Nothing less. Thankfully, that is changing quicker than you can say “powerful backpack.”

Powerbag, along with their usual partner in crime fÅ«l, have already revolutionized messenger bags and now they are back to work their same magic on backpacks. Their Deluxe Backpack, available in multiple colors, looks and acts like a regular old backpack. It also comes packed with a whole heap of chargers, which are perfect for keeping your many devices powered up while on the go. The built-in battery system can charge the average smartphone four times on one charge, and also is perfect for charging tablets, e-readers and just about anything else you can think of. This backpack is also big, carrying a 17″ laptop(among other things) with ease. This could potentially be your all-in-one backpack for, well, life.

Did we mention the charging port is even water proof? That’s great for those times you are stranded on a magical desert island with nothing but your gadget-filled backpack for company. Wait, did we just describe the plot of LOST? Anyways, you can pick one up now for around $170 on their website.