Power Heated Wetsuit by Rip Curl


se_news_ripcurl_wetsuit1.jpgWith surfing gaining such popularity, more and more people are taking to the water. With this latest invention by Rip Curl, even the cold won’t stop you from hitting the waters even in more chilly conditions.Rip Curl’s H-Bomb, as this model is named, is the world’s first power heated wetsuit. The design of the suit integrates heating elements and batteries, cushioning both with a neoprene sponge for comfort.

Using two coated fiber elements positioned on the back, the H-Bomb supplies heat to the core of the body with two Polymer Lithium Ion 7.2v batteries.

The heating elements are made of fibre – there’s no metal – so there’s no electromagnetic field generated by any metal component and there’s no metal to corrode when it’s in salt water.

The H-Bomb costs around 475.-$ and can be ordered online for example on the Freakfish online store.