Power Generating Clothing Charges your iPod while its in your pocket


Power generating clothingFrog Design introduces a highly interesting textile and clothing concept.  The textile and clothing concept in question can harvest the power everyone is creating with his/her clothing!

The technology works by harnessing the static electricity generated from regular movement.

Currently this electrical energy is wasted. Frog Design’s vision is to collect this waste energy by weaving conductive filaments into fabric. Everyday clothing can so be transformed into power (generating) clothes that can provide power to portable gizmos in your pocket.

The potential of such fabric is huge. The only thing which still has to be figured out is how to weave the power fabric and how to get the power from the jacket or t-shirt to your iPod or iPhone.

Frog Design goes even further in their vision and proposes an even more revolutionary use of such power clothing: the power clothing can discharge its power at any time, creating a shell of electricity and forming a personal forcefield to keep you safe against unwanted close encounter.

The electrical forcefield has the power to stun an attacker, like a stun gun and with some intelligence included into the power fabric, it can even tell when you’re nervous, monitoring heart rate and anxiety levels so it automatically knows when to power-up its protection system.

One remark to this – the intelligence of the fabric must be very sensitive as well to differentiate between a nervous, heart-rate increasing first kiss or an attack from mean meaning people.

In any case, this is an excellent idea and the challenge is out now for the engineers and technologists to make it happen.