This Portable Battery Fits in Your Pocket and Jumpstarts Your Car


Driving is one of the great experiences of modern life. Feeling the wind flow through hair(if you have a convertible.) Hearing some great tunes as you cruise down the Interstate(if you have a stereo system.) Avoiding the cruel sun by using the air conditioning(you get the picture.) In any event, the only bad thing about driving is breaking down. You can do it just about anywhere. This is particularly annoying if your car won’t start and you have to search the neighborhood for some kind hearted soul to give you a jump. If only there was an easier, and perhaps wearable, way to jumpstart your car so you can get on with your life and get to your destination. Now there is! Whoa.

Introducing the appropriately named and vowel hating JUMPR. This portable battery is super slim and fits easily in your pocket. It’s about the size of one of those new-fangled iPhones you keep hearing about. You attach it your battery and cables, just like you would with another car’s battery, and it does the same exact thing. You won’t need any help from anyone else and soon you’ll be bringing home that gallon of milk like a true boss. The thing only weights seven ounces! That’s astounding considering a car battery weighs like a billion pounds.

The best part about this technology? It’s available for preorder right now for just $70, which means it would pay for itself in just one use, considering time and effort saved. Somebody told me once that time is money and I tend to believe this person as it was Warren Buffet. Here is a video of the JUMPR in all-capsed action.