Polar RCX5 training computer will get you into shape


Just like the Garmin units before it, the Polar RCX5 seeks to be your one-and-only wearable fitness supercomputer. It may just have done it, actually.

The unit uses a variety of sensors to measure just how much good stuff you are doing to your body as you writhe around in agony while wearing short shorts. You know the drill. GPS, heart beat, calories burned, distance ran, all sent via Bluetooth to another device.

The basic pack costs $350 which includes the unit and plus the WearLink+ Hybrid, an amphibious chest-strapped heart rate monitor. There are other bundles as well. There’s a bike bundle costs $390 and includes Polar’s CS W.I.N.D. speed sensor that installs on a fork and spoke. The Run bundle costs $420 and comes with a s3+ stride sensor that clips to your laces.

Give these a look, and actually use them this time. You’ve gained weight. Wait, that’s just me. Sigh.