Polar Loop Activity Tracker Also Keeps an Eye on Sleep


Unless we regularly wear gold medals we were given after winning some event in some faraway land, we all need to exercise more. However, it can be a major drag. You have to put shoes on. You have to go outside. Sometimes you have to talk to people. Also, not to mention the monthly expenses of a gym and bottles of water. Thankfully, wearable technology has long been trying its best to get us fitter and buffer. These vitality sensors, or activity monitors, do everything from track our running speed to keeping an eye on our heart rate. Here is another one for your fitness-based perusal.

Polar, a company that has nothing to do with lovable and dangerous bears, has just unleashed their Loop line of activity trackers on the world. These armbands act as your one-stop shop toward personal wellness. They track your activity level, from bicycling to walking and running. They even track your sleep quality. In short, you never have to take it off. It’s even waterproof so, go ahead, shower with it on. Perhaps you’d want to take it off whilst trying to make a baby, as it sends all of the activity info to your smartphone and you don’t want anyone else seeing that.

It all works via a companion app called Polar Flow. The only downside to this tech? It doesn’t track your heart rate out of the box. You have to buy an accessory for that. However, the Loop’s price is right at just $109. Here is a related video that plays some pleasant music. Enjoy.