This Pocket-Worthy Pen Lets You Practice Guitar Anywhere


Learning to play an instrument nowadays is a tricky proposition. We have so many other things to keep our brains occupied nowadays. We have smartphones, smartwatches, video games and basketball. We have Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and, even, exercising. Also, we work more than ever before and most of us, thanks to our phones, are on call at all times. So, yeah, we just don’t have enough time to learn an instrument. Unless, that is, someone invented something small, something ubiquitous and wearable that could help us learn, say, guitar. Well, get ready to shred ladies and gentleman. Someone did invent just that thing.

It’s called the FretPen, because, well, it’s a pen and guitars have frets. Get it? In any event, it is a neat little gadget that works alongside your smartphone to turn any old time into guitar practice time. You can do this while waiting for a doctor to see you, on the subway or even, well, laying in bed curled up in the fetal position. The pen contains all of the applicable frets you practice, and the app includes the string placement. Bring the two together and, voila, you have an instantaneous riffage device. Practicing anything was never so easy and convenient. Of course, you’ll still probably find other things to do like playing that horrible game with the candies and the crushing(get off my lawn!)

In any event, the FretPen isn’t out yet. The designers have shredded on over to Rockstarter to fund this nifty little gizmo. You can preorder one for around $120.