PLX XWave lets you control your iPhone with your brain(really)


Levitation withstanding, this device is pretty amazing. PLX have concocted their most incredible piece of tech yet, the Xwave. This device purportedly allows you to control your iPhone(Or a related device) with the power of your mind! As it turns out, the mind is a horrible thing to waste after all.

How does it work? Well you strap one side of  the device to your head and the other side goes into your iPhone. Then you train or practice or whatever you wanna call it. The device uses Neurosky technology to eventually allow your brain to make adjustments to your iPhone on the fly.

The item will come shipped with several related apps, including a dedicated training app, a music controller (which will let you compare brainwaves with other XWave users) and an “Om Meditation Timer.” The device is going to cost $100 and will ship in October.