PLX Devices announces XWave Sport, reads your brainwaves as you do stuff


The human brain. It forever eludes the grasp of science. Or does it? In recent years, or weeks, the tech-industry has really begun to “get” the human brain. All kinds of stuff is coming to the market that purport to read what is going on in your noggin at any given moment and then report back to you. We are perhaps entering a golden age of understanding in regard to the trials and travails of our feeble gray matter. Either that or we are about to enter a dystopian, Orwellian wasteland where our thoughts are sold to the highest bidder! You say tomato…

Another company has entered the brain-reading fray, PLX Devices. We reported on them before, back when the XWave was a bulky device you strap to your head. Well they’ve been busy slaving away in a remote tech-dungeon somewhere and have come up with the XWave Sport. This new model shrinks the inner workings small enough that it fits on your average sporty headband. You put it on your head and the guts of the device rest above your eyebrow, letting it have access to what used to be yours and yours alone.

Basically, the device reads your brainwaves and this information is then sent to a PC, smartphone or wherever else you want it. The XWave Sport becomes fun when you consider that its made from the ground up to support third party applications. Think concentration and relaxation minigames that are sourced from your actual brain data. Pretty cool right? It ships in September at $100 a pop which seems more than fair for something that seems like it popped out from the annals of science fiction.

Here’s a video showing you how the tech works. Note, this was filmed before they shrunk it and put it on a towel.