Plastic Logic Prototypes Super Thin Smartwatch


The battle for your smartwatch dollars is just about on. Most of these astounding, wrist-worn devices aren’t out yet, with the major exception being the excellent Pebble watch, but that doesn’t mean companies are trying ever-so-slightly to one up each other in the announcement department. So far there have been rumblings that Sony, Samsung and even Apple are cooking up their own versions of the Dick Tracy watch. It’s not only the bigwigs, however. Today brings us a unique concept design for a smartwatch that you’ll wish was currently on store shelves.

Plastic Logic, who are better known for making e-readers, have dipped their toes into the smartwatch pool with this super-thin prototype design. This watch has a whole host of functions, from connecting to your phone to monitoring your heartbeat. The whole thing comes to you via an aesthetically pleasing e-ink display. That means longer battery life, to those that are interested in that sort of thing. What else can it do? Just about anything your smartphone can do, from QR reading to email retrieving and sending text messages to that special someone in your life.

The bad news? The company is quick to point out that this is just a prototype design, worked up to get people excited about the coming smartwatch revolution. You won’t be heading into a store anytime soon to pick up this gaunt wonder-watch. However, Plastic Logic are at the forefront of these kinds of flexible, and ultra-thin, displays so one would expect they’d be involved with releasing something like this before too long. We shall, as ever, keep you posted.