Plantronics preps the Marque M155, a super light Bluetooth headset for smartphone users


You gotta hand it to Plantronics, they really love pumping out headsets for smartphone users. Well, hold on to your iBritches as the company has prepped another cool unit for your collection. Introducing the Marque M155.

So what makes this one any different from previous models? For one it’s fast. Like super fast. There will be no delay with this unit. It’s also light, as a matter of fact it just may be the lightest Bluetooth headset of all time. It clocks in at just 7 grams. Somebody give this thing a turkey leg! The M155 also offers voice-guided pairing assistance, customized apps and the ability to answer or ignore calls with verbal commands.

The Marque M155 is available in black or white, just like the cookie. It is available for pre-order starting today. What are you waiting for? That old Bluetooth headset is just so cumbersome.