Plantronics Introduces Rig Gaming Headset Combo


Playing video games, be they mobile or console, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Jumping on mushrooms. Exploring virtual worlds. Heck, even shooting pissed off birds into geometric pigs. Gamers are never short of experiences to be had. However, occasionally the sound one hears while gaming can be less than optimal. This goes doubly if you are out of the house, off in loud-noise land where people don’t give one lick if you are trying to beat your high score on Tetris. Because of this, gaming headphones have become a pretty big part of the wearable technology market. Don’t look now. Here’s another one!

Plantronics, who are better known for making Bluetooth headsets, are dipping their toesies into the lucrative market of gaming headsets. Their new Rig rig(get it?) is a beast of a system that should please gamers of just about every platform that exists. It’s perhaps the only combo unit on the market that is designed with both home play and mobile play in mind. Those smartphone games aren’t getting any less complicated, after all. The unit comes with the cans, of course, but also features a wired mixer(which is where the magic happens.) Even cooler, if you happen to be using this with your phone, calls will come through seamlessly and you can even adjust the volume on the fly.

As far as a release date, the company is just saying Fall. So look for it in the next couple of months. As far as price? The company is just saying $130. So look to spend $130 if you want to own a pair. Note, this is a pretty good deal compared to rival units on the market.