Pivothead SMART – The Incredible Smart Glasses Everyone’s Talking About



Most of the time when we hear the term smart glasses, we automatically think of the cyborg look offered by Google Glass. Some companies on the other hand offer a slightly different approach, like the PivotHead SMART, which look like a pair of sunglasses. While they’re not quite the Google Glass, they do offer quite a few very cool features with a much more affordable price range. Because it’s mostly just pair of sunglasses with video and smart sharing capabilities, the PivotHead SMART is the perfect ‘cool gadget’ for everyone from YouTubers to families.

Meet the PivotHead SMART

On the exterior the PivotHead SMART looks like nothing more than a pair of overly clunky sunglasses. A large frame features a center positioned Sony 8mp CMOS camera which takes photos at 3,264×2,448 and records in 1080p at 30fps, which is better than alternative smart glasses. The battery supports 180 minutes of continuous recording, and features an exchangeable battery, so that you can keep going if you want. It’s also completely waterproof, so you can record while swimming, and/or doing other fun things on the water. Built in Bluetooth and NFC technology allow you to get alerts from your smartphone, and it also works with a number of android based apps. Video streaming allows you to automatically share your recordings via Google Hangout, so that others can see your POV recording live. Plus, each PivotHead comes with 16GB of built in storage, and an SD card slot for expandable memory up to 32GB. The PivotHead app can program the glasses, set up social and email or text notifications with audio or LED light alerts, works as a wireless remote, and more.


Finally, each set of Pivothead SMART glasses feature a line-in, with audio via bone conduction ear buds, allowing users with the glasses to accept calls via the glasses. Pretty cool? Yes!
In short:

  • HD 1080P Video Recording with LiveStream Capabilities
  • Audio/Calling
  • 16 GB of Storage
  • Water Resistant
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Notifications (Twitter, Facebook, Email, Google +, Texts)


Add-Ons, Accessories, & Extras

Because the PIvotHead has an open SDK, developers can design their own apps and functions for the PivotHead, meaning that it will likely only become more cool as time goes by. In addition, there are already a number of add-ons and accessories, including lens upgrades, additional power cells, additional streaming capabilities, WiFi compatibility, GPS compatibility, and more. Modes slip over the end of the glasses, and are swappable at will. The Fuel Mod (shown below) looks like the coolest for beginning users, as it triples the battery life.



If you’re wondering what you can do with a set of glasses that offer video recording, notifications, audio, GPS, and a dozen other cool features, all we have to say is that we’re wondering what is wrong with you. The PivotHead offers numerous applications ranging from perfectly recording the results of a prank, to documenting important scientific discoveries. For those of us who are a little more boring, it’s also a great way to share things with friends and family (and live-stream concerts onto the web), and probably something that pretty much every journalist in the world would kill for.


What do you think? Are the PivotHead Smart glasses the coolest thing ever? They’re certainly up there, although the MSRP will eventually be around $650. The IndieGoGo campaign ends on January 11th of 2014, so you can grab yours before then.

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