Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker Lets You Pay by the Year


We all know that we are experiencing something of a glut in the fitness tracking world. In other words, they are everywhere. Not only that, the functionality found in your average smartband can now be found in smartwatches, add-ons for your phone and just about everywhere else. These three features are ubiquitous: calories burned, steps walked and sleep slept. How do you choose which one to spend your hard earned $150 or so dollars on when they are just so similar? How about the one that will give you the hardware for free, simply asking you to pay a yearly fee for the software? That one sounds about right.

Introducing Pivotal Living’s Life Tracker 1 fitness band. It does just about what you’d expect from an entry level band, which means it keeps a handle on the above mentioned three things and not much else. However, the novelty here is the pricing scheme. You simply pay $12 for a year’s use of the affiliated software, the hardware is free. When new iterations of the hardware are released, with new features, you are given that for free as well, if you keep shilling out that twelve bucks a year. Pretty soon you’ll be fit as a fiddle. Oh yeah. You’ll have to exercise though.

So, if this works out, you’d have to have one of these for 10 years or so before it would equal the price of your average fitness band. That sounds like a pretty good deal, if the hardware ends up working as advertised. We’ll let you know on that latter front later.