Ping Hoodie Lets You Connect to Facebook in Style


Let us paint a scenario for you. You are hanging out with some friends and obsessively checking your phone every minute or so for new tweets, texts and Facebook comments. Your friends quite literally force you into setting your phone down for the evening. Being a good friend, of course you comply. The dark side? You still wish you were constantly checking your social network feed. You smile and nod at them, engaging in polite and fun conversation, but you know that you are missing out of some primo Internet shenanigans. Don’t fret! This hoodie will not only let you keep in touch with your friends, but it’ll let you do it on the sly too.

The hoodie is called Ping and it is being developed by a little company called electricfoxy. The hook here is how subtly you can get on Facebook. Wanna check your messages? Just lower the zipper. Wanna “like” something your friend posted out of politeness? Flip the hood off for a moment. You are even informed of messages via very interesting and unique way. If someone sends you a message, the hoodie “taps” your shoulder to let you know it has arrived. It’s like having the gentle, loving touch of your friends around you at all times.

The future is now…ish. The Ping hoodie has been in development for quite some time and has yet to show up on store shelves. We will be ever vigilant, however, and give you the heads up as soon as it does. Now we’ll never have to remain untethered from technology. Thank goodness for that.