These Pills Are Actually Little Cameras That You Swallow


There once was a time when cameras were big, hulking beasts that people had to ride a top like some kind of image-capturing elephant. Eventually, however, they began shrinking. It wasn’t too long before they were small enough to wear around neck or pop into your bag or purse. Then they began integrating into our phones and other devices. Nowadays, we can easily carry a tiny camera in our pocket like it aint no thing. What does the near future hold for image capturing devices? You have no idea. The shrinking is not going to stop anytime soon. That’s right. Cameras are so small now that you can quite literally eat them like a vitamin.

Introducing PillCam by a company called Given Imaging. It’s called the PillCam because, well, it’s part-pill and part-camera. You swallow the dang thing and then it swallows into your innards, taking wonderful photos all the while. Forget your vacation snapshots, how about your intestinal shapshots?! That’s right. These cameras will primarily be used to keep an eye on those problematic colons and could one day replace the need for traditional colonoscopies. This should come as good news to just about everyone as those procedures are, uh, uncomfortable to say the least.

These tiny lil cammies are still in the development phase, so don’t go trying to swallow your Kodak anytime soon. The FDA has approved it for use though so it shouldn’t be too long now. Say, maybe you should go trying to swallow your Kodak.