Photos of Google Glass prescription glasses leaked



Google Glass has been dominating the wearable technology news recently because of a picture of what Google Glass will look like on prescription glasses. The photo was leaked by a Google employee and was soon taken down, but not before the folks down at Phandroid managed to find the photos first!

The new version of Google Glass looks a lot like the old version except the steel frame is done away with completely, giving room for the frame of the wearers normal glasses frame. We still don’t know if just any pair of glasses will fit with Google Glass, but it’s likely that a particular frame size and shape will fit while others won’t.

We might also be getting a version of Glass that is permanently attached to the glasses component, which would require a custom fitting for each pair of glasses made.

Official details about the next version of glass have yet to be released, but we should be seeing an update in the very near future.