Phosphor’s World Time Curved E Ink digital watch


Seiko isn’t the only company in town making e ink watch. Phosphor has come up with their World Time Curved E Ink digital watch, and they did it before Seiko finally got on the ball with their version. The World Time throws some cards on the table that Seiko can’t even touch, anyways.

First of all, the watch offers support for twenty-four time zones. This makes the name of the watch make more sense, of course. It also makes sense for you world travelers out there. Aesthetically, it reminds one of an 80s Timex. Just look at how elegant and functional the thing looks! Of course, it features easy-to-read e ink.

Depending on your choice of band style, you’ll pay anywhere from $150 to $195. Not a bad price for a functional watch with e ink flare. Get on it now.