Phosphor Touch Time reinvents that emblem of the 1980s, the digital watch


To those of you too young to remember, the 1980s were a glorious time filled with parachute pants, Phil Collins and lots and lots of Saturday morning cartoons. The decade was guided by an indelible sense of style that was all its own. Some might say the style, um, trickled down from the actors and musicians of the day right on down to the masses. Perched high atop that style list? The digital watch. In the days before smartphones(or heck, even cell phones) the digital watch was the smallest and most convenient technology you could ever imagine. Some even had calendar and calculator functionality! How quaint.

Well get ready to live the quaint life once again. Noted watch manufacturer Phosphor, who we’ve covered here and here, is back with a brand new invention. Their forthcoming Touch Time watch is all digital baby. What’s the difference between this and the coming onslaught of smartwatches? Touch Time has access to a suite of apps, just like those other watches, but it is its own device and is in no way tied to your smartphone. It has a built-in stopwatch, calendar, world time functionality and even an app that shows the phases of the moon. The whole thing comes wrapped up in an easily swipe-able touchscreen package. The feature-set might seem limited but it is important to note that being as how this watch doesn’t rely on Bluetooth or any other kind of connective technology the battery will last a really, really long time. Phosphor says over a year. That’s a lot of time-reading.

It comes in a host of cool colors and you can change out the watch face itself with a quick swipe of the touchscreen. You can pre-order one now on, wait for it(wait for it,) Kickstarter. The cost? Around $89. If you are really insane into watches you can also order up one dipped in 24k gold for $500.