Phillips Fluid – A Concept Wearable Phone Design

PHillips FLuid

Wearable tech is becoming all the rage with Bluetooth bracelets and rings frequently being demoed as suggestions. But, until now, no one has really demoed the idea of a wearable phone. The Phillips Fluid is a concept design by Dinard da Mata shows a flexible phone that can be bent and worn around the wrist like a bracelet. While not real, the concept is truly stunning, and sure to be popular with athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and even anyone who bikes to work, or doesn’t want to carry a phone in their pocket. As it was originally designed in 2010, we can definitely expect to never see this actual device, however, we are getting closer in terms of the same technology, so the Philips Fluid might soon be real in another incarnation.

phillips fluid

The Concept

The Concept of the Phillips Fluid is a completely flexible phone that can be used as a flat, traditional handset with a tile based menu app and an OLED body. When finished using the handset, the device can be rolled up, clipped together, and slid over the wrist like a traditional bracelet. The concept is similar to many Bluetooth bracelet concepts, except it does take the idea a step further, as most people hate to have to dig in their pocket or bag for a phone. The Phillips Fluid  is not useable while wrapped around the wrist, so the bracelet is just a handy way to store the phone.

Phillips Fluid

The Technology Behind the Concept

Most people might not expect that a flexible phone would be possible, but it actually is. Right now the only thing really holding the technology back is the ability to make it cost effective. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) have been made with flexible designs for years.  Companies like Apple have recently patented multiple technologies including flexible screens and flexible batteries that we’re probably likely to see within the next few years. Other requirements to make this phone a bracelet? The interior of the phone would most likely have to be constructed in segments, so that it could bend safely around the fragile electronics without damaging them, sort of like a beetle. While not the most flattering comparison ever, the interlocking joints that would protect and curve around the wrist would be perfect for the purpose.

PHillips FLuid

Why Phillips Fluid Might Eventually be Real

Because we already have the technology, there is no reason why phones like the Phillips Fluid might not eventually be real. In fact, technology is definitely leading towards some types of flexible tech, although it isn’t clear whether or not these models would go over well with the public. Most people might prefer a standard stiff phone. However, with the advent of the phone flexing the other way so that it could still be used while on the wrist, a flexible phone that could turn into a bracelet might be very popular indeed. A range of people including bikers, athletes, anyone who likes to walk, and even people going out for the night could benefit from having their phone on their wrist as it is harder to loose, easier to check, and easier to store. The downside? A phone bracelet is a definite fashion statement and many people might not be quite up to gearing their look towards geeky.

Phillips FluidWhat do you think? Is flexible technology heading for a breakthrough into today’s smartphone market? Or is it better off left to concept ideas?