This Peripheral Can Turn Your iPhone into a VR Headset


pincleadVirtual reality goggles are ‘coming soon’ to a head near you., in that one day in the near or far future Oculus, Sony and other companies will unleash their headsets upon the world. However, nobody knows exactly when that day will come. The companies in question have been vague at best and some say it could be as much as two years or more in the future. That is unacceptable! We demand virtual reality in the near future because regular reality is a major bore. To that end, some companies have been prepping lesser powered devices that simply allow your to strap your smartphone in for a ride, thus turning it into some nifty VR goggles. Here is another one of those devices, this one intended for iPhone users.

The Pinć VR works similarly to these devices. You slide your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus into the device and let the magic of magnification do the rest. In effect, you are just viewing a magnified version of your iPhone projected in front of your eyeballs. However, that’s not where this device stops. It also comes shipped with two nifty finger rings that let you perform gestures in order to control certain aspects of your phone. Finally, you can pinch and pull in mid-air to freak out curious onlookers! That’ll show ’em.

The makers are raising finishing funds on popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter Indiegogo. You can pre-order your own for just $99, which really isn’t that bad considering all of the glorious pinching and pulling you’ll be doing.