Perfusion Technology ultrasound headset concept


Headsets. Some deliver music. Some deliver safety from motorcycle accidents. Some purport to one day curing cancer. Wait, what? That is the technology behind Perfusion Technology’s new headset concept. The start up says ultrasound, which can be delivered by the headset, can be an effective way to break through the brain/blood barrier. This is some heady doctory stuff. Can it work?

Maybe. This headset is designed to deliver low-intensity ultrasound therapy to the entire brain over the course of extended treatment periods. Doctors and scientists this could come to change the way we look at ultrasound as a means of delivering a variety of medical treatments.

Of course, this tech is new. As such, it needs some heavy duty testing before it will be delivered into the world like a proud, energetic baby. We will offer new information as it becomes available.