Peregrine Glove brings Nintendo’s Power Glove to the 21st century, someone call Fred Savage


Ah the innocent days of the 1980s. We all thought Reaganomics would actually work. We all just knew one day in the future George Lucas would make more awesome Star Wars movies. We also knew, or hoped, that a device coming to market by Nintendo called the Power Glove would do what it purported to do: Control your video games with your hands. It didn’t actually go down like that. Despite some paid cinematic advertising, the glove was a scattered mess. Controlling it was about as pleasant as sleeping in a bed bug nest. It was swiftly sent to Nintendo’s big Mushroom Kingdom graveyard in the Hyrulean sky.

But surely, 25 years later, the tech to use a humble glove to precisely control video games would be there right? That’s where the just released, and pretty awesome, Peregrine Glove comes in. You slap this puppy on your meathook and you can set whatever short cuts to whatever motions your little heart can desire. More importantly? It actually works. There will be none of that fumbling and cussing your maker while wearing this glove, despite the occasional learning curve. Oh yeah, console nerds. Hide your wallets. The Peregrine is PC and Mac for now.

About the only downside to this glove is it hasn’t embraced the wireless age. The company says in order to keep reactions as fast and precise as hardcore PC gamers demand, there isn’t yet wiggle room to nix the wires. They say they are working on it. The Peregrine comes in three sizes(S, M, L) and is available right now for the hot, hot price of $150. Maybe this glove can make me absolutely not suck at Diablo III.(Probably not, cue sad Peanuts music.)