Pensar DNA Shoe is 3D Printed and Designed to Fit Only You


How many times have you bought a pair of shoes only to find out that it didn’t fit, then when you bought the next size down that one didn’t quite either? In short, shoes can be finicky. The sizes given to particular brands of shoes vary wildly from one another and, not to mention, the human foot is never exactly a measurement either. If only some kind of magical technology could come along to solve this problem. I don’t know, like maybe if everyone had their very own personalized pair of shoes like the super-rich have with suits and gigantic airplanes?

Am I psychic or what? A design firm called Pensar has been hard at work at their DNA shoe concept, which is essentially what I just described. You measure your feet and input the pertinent information into one of those new-fangled computers and an associated 3D printer makes your personalized shoe that fits you and only you. Even better? It fits absolutely perfectly. There will be no bunions formed while wearing these bad boys. Also, you have complete control over the aesthetics of the shoe, being able to change the design at will. This is pretty much the coolest thing to happen to footwear since leather.

The company hopes to begin rolling out this system to athletic apparel stores as soon as next year. It’s just a concept for now though, and a lot can happen before next year. If you want a pair of personalized shoes right now may we recommend buying a company. We hear Nike can make some pretty sweet sneakers. In the meantime, look at this cute cartoon.