PEGS Are the Ultimate Shades For the Ultimate Partier


Do you consider yourself an avid partier? Do you like, to say, wear your sunglasses at night? Then it’s high time there was something on the market made for you people, the social butterflies out there who also consider yourself wearable tech enthusiasts. Actually, the idea of tech-heavy party gear is not a new one. Every new gadget that comes out has an air of “maybe if I show this to someone I have a crush on they’ll want to hang out naked with me” to it. Well, here are some new shades that’ll make you the ultimate life of the ultimate parties.

They are called PEGS. These big letter loving shades are LED-enabled and pretty darned cool. The glasses come stocked with different cool looking lightings. They also come equipped with a built-i microphone. The combination of these two pieces of tech actually allow the light show presented by the glasses to move in time with the music, thus making your face a literal dancing machine. The ladies, or dudes, will swarm to you like a, uh, person to a bright pair of LED glasses. They also come with rechargeable batteries so you’ll be able to charge them if they run out just before your favorite song.  Finally, PEGS come included with some intuitive PC software that allow you to plug and play in order to design new patterns so you can really wow the audience.

These glasses are not on store shelves yet, so you better not bother going to Spencer’s Gifts with your credit card in hand. The creators have partied on down to Kickstarter in order to raise funds. You can be an early bird adopter of these specs by pledging $75. In the meantime, may we suggest flirting the old fashioned way?