Pebble’s Smart Watch App Store Finally Launches for iOS


It wasn’t so long ago that watches were about as dumb as a stack of rocks. They told the time. They sat attractively on your wrist. Once in a blue moon they included a rudimentary calculator or a compass. And that’s about it. Then the smartphone boom happened and nobody expected to hear tell about watches ever again. How wrong we all were. When Pebble launched their Smartwatch on Kickstarter a couple of years back, they took the world by storm and managed to invent a whole new industry in one fell swoop. Now the company that started it all is back with a brand new way to keep you addicted to your phone watch.

It’s long been rumored that Pebble would be opening up an Apple-like app store for their smartwatches where you could easily purchase and download new apps and games for your beloved new timepiece. Now it’s here. The app store has officially launched the other day, and is currently available on all iOS devices, with Android devices set to come down the pike in a few weeks. What kind of stuff is currently on the app store? A whole lot of neat looking watch faces, some simple apps and even a game or two. Of course, the store is brand spanking new so expect these apps to increase exponentially as the weeks turn into months.

We’ll let you know when this app store drops on Android and in the meantime, here is a video of the app store in app-like action.