Pebble Watches Add More iOS Support and Gesture Controls


They say that a single journey often begins with a single step, and by they I think I meant Gandalf the wizard. In the spirit of everyone’s favorite bearded Magneto, we are bringing you some Pebble news. If you’ve been following this company, you know they were one of the very first smart watches on the market. They started a Kickstarter to see if anyone would be into that whole crazy smart watch idea and into it they were. They clocked in millions and millions of dollars, spawning a media frenzy and prompting a smart watch revolution. They have not rested on their laurels, however. This smarty pants watch is back and cooler than ever.

First of all, they’ve added a whole host of new iOS notifications. The Pebble will play nice with your iOS device better than ever before. This means iPhones, iPads and even the mysterious iPizza(wait, what?) This is great news for app developers who have been finding it difficult to design apps that worked within both ecosystems. Speaking of apps, the company has also announced partnerships with Foursquare, Yelp and GoPro. It’s gonna be app city over there before too long.

That’s not all. The humble lil Pebble is undergoing some maintenance which will let it accommodate a whole host of gesture based controls. It has a touch screen, after all, so we may as well use it. Buttons are so annoying and hard to remember anyways. Be on the look for a brand new accelerometer as well which should also allow new and innovative apps. All of these changes comes with a new developer’s SDK which should be releasing soon.