Pebble Update! Email Notifications



The Pebble smartwatch was one of the first smartwatches on the market, and it certainly led the way in smartwatch technology. Despite this, sine its release, the Pebble has been lacking in one key feature that many smartwatches already have. Emails notifications for people with an iPhone.

The update isn’t exactly the major update that many people were hoping for, but it is an update nonetheless. Unfortunately the update seems to be fairly simple as well. Users won’t have the ability to customize what emails are sent to their watch, and it will require a full linking to a Gmail or IMAP account. This means that every email you receive will be sent to your phone, including spam. Now, finally, iOS users will be able to access emails on their smartwatch.

The Pebble has been featured a lot in recent news, with the watch now being sold at Best Buy – one of the first smartwatches to do so. It is expected that that will change with a release of the rumored iWatch, and that competition will be much more fierce in coming months.