Pebble Update Adds Emojis and the Ability to Dismiss Notifications


Just like Google and the Glass, Pebble pretty much started an entire subsection of wearables all by their lonesome. Before the Pebble Watch took Kickstarter, and then the world, by e-ink storm, the only smarts watches possessed were if the watch-face had that one photo of Albert Einstein with his tongue out. Nowadays, everyone and their brother has or is about to release a smartwatch, even this little company you may have heard of called Apple. Even though it has had a slew of competition thrown at it, the Pebble is still going strong. Pebble just unveiled a new software update that should get it going even stronger.

First of all, this firmware update is available for standard Pebble watches and the newer Steel models. Second of all, they finally bring the ability to do everyone’s favorite thing, send emojis to friends and family for no real reason. Up until this point, if someone texted you an emoji and you were reading it on your Pebble, you’d only see a blank box. Now you’ll get to see what kind of clever point they were trying to make! Aint life grand? Also on the firmware’s docket, iOS 8 functionality for you iPhone users out there and the ability to dismiss phone notifications right from your watch. Stay in the pocket where you belong watch!

Additionally, the firmware throws a working compass into the mix and some new goofy watch-faces. The firmware is already available so you Pebble owners should get to updating. In the meantime, I’m going to go find an emoji of a pizza and then eat it.