Pebble On Sale At Best Buy July 7



The Pebble watch has been one of the leading devices in smartwatch technology, and was one of the first devices to be named a “smartwatch”, but until now it was a little inconvenient to acquire one of these watches, especially if you like to try a device before you buy or you are wary about online shopping. It was recently announced that it’s about to get a whole lot easier to get a Pebble watch for yourself, with Best Buy taking on the watch.It is expected to start selling the device on July 7.

The only color that will be available to Best Buy customers will be the Jet Black version, but the red version is expected to start being sold by Best Buy in August. The other colors in the array of Pebble colors is not expected to sell from Best Buy, and will only be available directly from the Pebble website.

The Pebble smartwatch was one of the first smartwatches to be released to the public, going in to mass production earlier this year. It is also one of the world leaders for smartwatches, with its main competitors being the Sony Smartwatch and Smartwatch 2, and the rumored Apple iWatch, which is expected to be released later this year or earlier this year.

The watch first entered mass production after a successful Kickstarter campaign which saw the company that makes the watch, Pebble Technology make their goal, $100,000, in two hours. Eventually the watch went on to make over $10,000,000, over 100 times their original goal.

It is a good move for the Pebble to start selling from Best Buy, as they will now be getting a head start on what is expected to be their main rival, and heavily rumored iWatch. This also should be a good financial move for Pebble Technology, and who knows, they might even raise enough money to be able to develop a second version of their watch in the near future.