Pebble Drops $50 Off Smartwatch Prices and Intros Continuous Fitness Tracking


Remember Pebble? They were pretty much the first kid on the smartwatch block way back in those ancient, black and white days of 2012. Since the successful release of the first Pebble watch, they went on to introduce the Steel, a fancier and pricier model intended to be worn by businessmen and other people who don’t like wearing bits of plastic ’round their wrists. The company, which isn’t owned by a giant tech corporation, knows it has a fight on its hands once the Apple Watch launches and once Android Wear devices start looking more attractive to consumers. Their solution? Lower prices, obviously.

They are dropping fifty bucks off the prices of any Pebble smartwatch, which brings the original flavor to a very reasonable $100 and the stalwart cousin Steel to $200. That is not a bad deal, for either model, and squarely brings Pebble watches, especially the first one, into impulse buy territory. This is an important land to be in once Black Friday rolls around. Also, why is Black capitalized when we type that? It’s not as if it is an actual holiday or anything.

If that wasn’t enough news to sway consumers to start buying Pebble, they’ve also released a system update that addresses one of the major concerns people have been having with the watch. You couldn’t run fitness trackers throughout the day, as apps couldn’t be run in the background. This means you’d never know just how much exertion you put forth doing the mundane things that make up an average day. Well, that problem has been fixed. Apps can now run in the background. As such, many fitness app developers are putting out new iterations to take advantage of this new update.